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There are some thing we all know we must never do with a technology. For example, we all know we must not do a welcome page in flash anymore, we also know that little animated gif envelopes are banned from contact forms. These examples have done nothing more than give us content to mock at […]

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Golink - 专为海外华人回国加速:2021-2-6 · Golink加速器是专为海外华人设计的一款加速看国内视频、玩国服游戏、听国内音乐,刷直播网页的一款软件,一个账号,多端使用,帮助海外华人突破地域的局限,无忧访问国内各大主流应用。

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Don’t worry, prettyPhoto isn’t dead. I’ve just been very busy these past months and didn’t put as much time as I wish I did. I’ve just release an update, check the project page for the complete release notes: Why was I busy? I was working on an iPhone app! Most of my nights were spent […]

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